Tuesday, 6 March 2012


The annual general meeting was held on 4th March 2012 in St.Anne Chapel itself from 11am to 3pm. God had shown His endless grace to this small chapel by letting the UPM Catholic students to come and support the chapel to stand for another year. Although some could not come but everyone was so grateful to fill up the attendance list and protect this little chapel.
The new exco was formed on that day to continue serving the Lord with full support from all the alumni and seniors around. The list had been updated on the right side of the blog so everyone can see the new exco list.
May God gives His blessings to the new team so they will serve and find God's reasons to have them on the team. Let's pray for the new exco that they will pass every challenge in the coming year and will serve Jesus with all their hearts.
These are some of the highlights of the day (courtesy of Alan Tan):

Opening prayer session

Emcee of the day: the lovely Ms. Elizabeth Perreira

Introductory speech by our beloved advisor, Dr. Kenny Teoh

The Election Committee which consisted of post-graduate CSSUPM members

List of contested posts

The nominees for various posts contested

 More of the nominees

Handing over ceremony: Sandy Ling Choo (ex-President) and Stanley Ipoh (President)

Handing over ceremony: Paulus Victor John (ex-Vice President) and Valerie Jayne John (Vice President)

Handing over ceremony: Frederica Eva Majoris (ex-Assistant Treasurer) and Jennifer Stephanie Petrus (Assistant Treasurer)

Handing over ceremony: Susantih Yohanes (ex-Honorary Secretary) and Durie Pancras (Honorary Secretary)

Handing over ceremony: Emmclan Lau (ex-Treasurer) and Medna Kaling (Treasurer)

 Blessing for the new EXCO members

The old EXCO members

The new EXCO lineup for 2012/2013 session

The new line up for this year is as listed on the right side of this page. Please do not hesitate to contact any of the EXCO members as all inquiries are welcomed. :)