Friday, 21 October 2011

Convocation Mass 2011


On 15th October 2011, CSSUPM has a convocation mass which the mass is for celebrating all the seniors which are graduating this year from University Putra Malaysia. The mass be held in St Anne Chapel with Father Peter from Holy Family Kajang. Convocation mass usually be done in many years in CSSUPM and become an annual event in the activities of CSSUPM itself. This year we had around 25+ seniors include the diploma students from Campus Bintulu join together celebrate the convocation mass. After the mass, we had a photo session with all the the graduates and also got some drinks and food be served. The seniors came back after few months they left their student’s life in UPM and met all the new juniors.


Coffee Morning 2011

On 9th October 2011, CSSUPM organizes a Coffee Morning which held in Holy Family Kajang Church, Kajang. The purpose for this Coffee Morning is subsidising for our Annual Camp which will be on 25th October 2011 until 28th October 2011 at The Farm, Negeri Sembilan.  The preparations of the Coffee Morning are among the catholic students of University Putra Malaysia itself. This Coffee morning actually been done annually if CSSUPM has a big event such as annual camp and annual dinner. This year our Coffee Morning director is Viventia Constance Sikep with the help of her assistance Frederica Eva Majoris. Seniors and juniors of CSSUPM came to help for the preparations and also during the selling. The income from the Coffee Morning will use for the preparation of annual camp which in 2 weeks more to go. We hope the Annual camp will be a success .

Director Miss Constance Viventia Sikep =)

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Coffee Morning 2011

Hello guys !
just an info here
On 9th October 2011, CSSUPM will be having a coffee morning 
which will be held at Holy Family Kajang,Kajang.
Start at 7am until the last mass around 3pm 
All are invited to help for the preparation of the food.
Please do come :)

p/s : purpose of coffee morning is to help and support the annual camp 2011 in term of financial :)


Hello brothers and sisters in christ ! :)
The exciting event for CSSUPM is coming back !
This time it will be held at 
The Farm, Negeri Sembilan
25-28 October 2011
(during mid-term holidays)
fresh and exciting theme for this year
"Walking Together in God's Love"
more activities,more sing along and more praise and worship during that 4 days time period
so for those who interested to join
u can contact
Marcella (019-5408038) for registeration.
come !! Lets join !!

Junior's Day

 Sing Along =)

 Sharing from CSSUPM Alumni, 

 Moon cake Celebration

 Group photo =)

Game time !
(Senior and Junior)

Serdang, Selangor: On the 18th of October 2011, Junior’s Day for CSSUPM new juniors was held at St Anne Chapel. The junior’s day start at 3pm until around 9pm in the night. There were lots of activities were done during the juniors day. All seniors also were there attend the event to know their new juniors and took part in the activities also. This year the juniors were around 34 people and they came with great talents in them. Some of them can play music such as guitar. The event starts with a prayer then continues with a brief talk from our advisor for CSSUPM, Dr. Kenny. He tells about the history of St Anne Chapel itself and also CSSUPM to the new juniors. There were also sharing from CSSUPM’s alumni such as Miss Jennifer Vaz and Clement de cruz. The event continues with some games session to let the juniors communicate with their seniors. After the games, sing along session took part which we sang a few songs together and the same time dance. It was so fun. After all the activities, we had a dinner together at St Anne Chapel. We also celebrated moon cake celebration same day with junior’s day. We walk together with the lantern and taking some photos. 

Tuesday, 13 September 2011



There will be MASS on 17th September 2011 , 8.30 pm
at St Anne Chapel.
Please do inform all your CSSUPM friends.
Have a nice day :)

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Attention : NO MASS ON 11th Sept 2011


There will be NO orientation mass on 11th September 2011 
at St Anne Chapel.
Please do inform all your CSSUPM friends.
Have a nice day :)

Welcome Back CSSUPMERZ

Hye guys !!
its been a long time not to see all of YOU !
4 months holidays seem to be end soon
and its time to go back to school (University)
How is everyone ? 
Hopely fine
OK !
Here some new updates about  activities of CSSUPM this few days
as we all know
New juniors will enter UPM 
so some activities for the new juniors

A preparation 4 bazaar persatuan at st Anne chapel 

1. 8th Sept (thurs) at 2pm = draw banner

9th Sept (friday) at 2pm = activity board for last 2 sem activity and miscellaneous. 

So if u are around.we do hope u can help us out. Hope to see u there :)

3. 10th Sept (Saturday) 8.30am-12pm = There will have "BAZAAR PERSATUAN" and CSSUPM 
have a booth no. 30.

All new Catholic juniors can visit the CSSUPM BOOTH.
Hope to see you all there.

Monday, 10 January 2011


Shallom Everyone. How everybody doin? Hope everyone is fine. Last week, the exco went to EPC which the Exco Planning Camp held in I.J Sisters Retreat,Port Dickson starting from 7hb January 2011 until 9hb January 2011.The place was so amazing,nice and wonderful.It was done for the benefit not only for excos itself but also others. This camp really hold the member together as a team not only physically but also spiritual and mentally.Here are some of the pictures during the camp.

Day 1

-Sing along time-

-I guess everyone is waiting for the LCD to turn On.HoHo-

-Our President,Sandy.-

-Now we dance !!-

-Arriving of Sister Margaret, sister Angelina and Elizabeth Pereira-

-Session with Sister Margaret-

-Dr.Leslie and his wife,Jennifer also came to share their experience and history of CSSUPM-

-Focus during the session-

-Disccussion about the problems and challenges that CSSUPM facing rite now-

-Discussion of the theme-

-List of the discussed theme-

-I vote for this theme !-

-Opinion from Dr.Michael about the theme-

-New exco members of 2011/2012 (Stanley Ipoh and Durie Pancras)-

-Saya SOKONG !!-

-Beth and Elizabeth-


-Photos with Sister Margaret and Sister Angelina-

-BarbeQue time !!-

-Cook-Cook !!-


-Everyone is having fun-


-DR.Michael with the cell group coordinator,Janey and her assistant,Stanley.-



-Waiting for the bus to go the Church-



-So sweet-

-Family Away From Home-

That's will be the end of CSSUPM Excos Planning Camp 2011 ( EPC ). We give our best to  CSSUPM. Hopefully, with the love from Jesus Christ we will be able to continue to serve peoples and bring happiness in their lives.