Monday, 25 January 2010

No "Mass" at St. Anne Chapel this coming Saturday

Shalom everyone, there will be no "Mass" this coming saturday ( 30th January 2010 ) at St. Anne Chapel. CSSUPM will be handling in "Kuala Lumpur Coordinating Council (KLCC) Mass" which take place at HFK.

Date   : 31st January 2010 ( Sunday )
Time   : 1:00 p.m.
Venue : Holy Family Church, Kajang.

Please spread this news to others. Thanks for your cooperation.

Friday, 22 January 2010

CSSUPM Exco Planning Camp 2010 ( EPC )

What is EPC ?
Well suppose you can said it's as an annual camp for the newly elected excos for CSSUPM. The date for this camp is from 15th-17th  January 2010 ( 3 days and 2 nights ). The location of this camp is in Champagnat Youth Centre, Port Dickson which is a very wonderful place to have camp. It was done for the benefit not only for excos itself but also others. This camp really hold the member together as a team not only phisically but also spiritual and mentally.

Day 1

~ Packing time...... Mama mia want to balik kampung already ka? ~

~ Dinner time, in the bus.... ~

~ Arrive at Champagnat Youth Centre, PD ~

~ But first, Game time. Erm did I mention balloon..... ~

~ Team 1 versus team 2 ~

~ Here come the representative from vet faculty..... ~

~ Also representative from maintenance coordinator ~

~ I'm starving....... ~ 

Day 2


~ Let's go, breakfast to seafood restaurant. Hehe....~

~ Erm, I want this... and this..... and this.... all la. ~

~ Spell seafood......... ~

~ Yummy.......~

~ Preparing for BBQ. ~

~ Even our president can cook tau..... ~

~ Yup... who say guys can't cook. ~

~ Preparing for BBQ's fire.~ 

~ Nice chicken. ~

~ Sunset... surely the guys are full of spirit at that moment. ~

~ Give me the look baby.......  Yeah.... Fantastics...~ 

~  A Gift from God. ~

~ I'm jaelous with jo, look what he get..... 6 gorgeous looking ladies. ~

~ Makan time... delicious....!!!! ~ 

~ We really enjoy the meals so much. Thanks to everyone for preparing us this fantastics dinner. ~

~ We even get Durian for desert..... ~ 

Day 3

~ Good morning everyone...... ~

~ Let cook together dear..... ~ 

~ I really like this photo... Who take it ? ~ 

~ Like a family. But who is the parent and child ??? ~

~ One Big Happy Family. Skema nie..... ~ 

~  One Big Happy Family. Nie baru la...... ~

~ Our president and vice president with Fr. Micheal. ~

~ Our secretary with Fr. Micheal. ~

~ Our treasurer with Fr. micheal. ~ 

~ Maintainence coordinator with Fr. Micheal. ~

~ Music ministry and info coordinator with Fr. Micheal. ~ 

~ Hooray !!!!! We actually make it till the end. I'm gonna miss it's so much. ~ 

~ CSSUPM Next Top Model. ~

~ With love we give u all......... ~

~ We are stronger when we are together..... ~ 

~ The End ~

That's will be the end of CSSUPM Excos Planning Camp 2010 ( EPC ). We give our best to  CSSUPM. Hopefully, with the love from Jesus Christ we will be able to continue to serve peoples and bring happiness in their lives.

 "  Sanctification through Christ, Manifestation in Christ"

Good News

Shalom and salam 1 Malaysia, we will be having "Mass" this coming saturday.

Rosary Prayer session
Date   : 23rd January 2010
Time    : 7:30 p.m.
Venue : St. Anne Chapel 

Mass session
 Date   : 23rd January 2010
Time   : 8:30 p.m.
Venue : St. Anne Chapel

Please spread this good news to the others. God bless you.

Gotong-royong to clean-up St. Anne Chapel

Hi there everyone, on 23rd January 2010 we will be having Gotong-royong to clean up St. Anne Chapel.

Date     : 23rd January 2010
Time     : 9:30 a.m.
Venue   : St. Anne Chapel

Please bring along your friends and spread this news to others.

Choir practice for "KLCC Mass"

Shalom everyone, we will be having choir practice for KLCC Mass which lead by Tim from music ministry.

Friday Night
Date     : 22nd January 2010 ( Friday )
 Time     : 7:30 p.m.
 Venue   : St. Anne Chapel

Sunday Morning
Date    : 24rd January 2010 ( Sunday )
Time    : 10:30 a.m.
Venue  : St. Anne Chapel

Please spread this news to everyone. Sorry for delay of this information.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Praise and Worship

We will be having praise and worship on 12nd January 2010 (Tuesday).

Time : 8:00 p.m.
Date : 12nd January 2010 (Tuesday)
Venue : St. Anne Chapel

Don't forget bring along friends and family to this event.
Aramai tii !!!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

CSSUPM Christmas Celebration

What a fantastic day we had on 10th january 2010 (Sunday)! Celebrating Christmas with lots of friends and family just like the all time. Moreover, with the participant of  Rev. Father Micheal in this event makes it's more interesting.

       ~ Rocks & Roll baby........ ~

~ Wait,..... don't you want to see before that.......~
 ( Ok... ok... Let me show you what happen first )

~ Well first of all, there are lots things need to be done, such as decorating the place and etc. It's not as easy as you see here. What it's really need is commitment and enjoy. ( Well in this case they are really enjoy with it)...~

~ Hmm... no comment la. ~

~ Preparing for gift exchange activity ~

~ Parts of the AJK for Christmas Celebration. ~
( and I don't have comments about the jug there... Hehe....)

~ Sing along activity.~

~ Sing together for the opening of the ceremony.~

~ Opening prayer by sis. Deb. ~

~ They even takes pictures without me o.... huhu ~

~ Game times.... hehe. Just like a James Bond ya...~

~ Focus on sis Deb ok... not on the camera. Hehe.... ~

~ After the game, the winning team got the opportunity to punish the team that had lose in that game. Hehe.... and the punishment are............~

~ ???....You might wants to knows what they are trying to do here...... Yup!!! the punishment was to draw the sentence 'CSSUPM Christmas Party' with their butt.... Hahaha...~ 

~ And btw we are the one who watching them in action.~

~ Dinner time.... Today we have special menu. Nasi goreng, Mee  Bihun goreng, Chicken curry, cakes, etc....... Thanks a lots for the contributors of this meal. God bless you all (Bring more ah... next time....Hehe....) ~

~ Hmmm... Yummy!!!.  Chocolate with strawberry on top of it's. Does it's makes you want to taste it.( But forget about it, already in our stomach. Hehe....)~

~ Peace......!!! ~

~ After just about 10 minutes, they already gone wild. Wow.... hyperactive!!!.~

~ More pictures.... (without me for sure.) ~

Photographer :  Miss Jerna
Well that it's about our Christmas Celebration Party at St. Anne Chapel in UPM. If there any pictures that need to be added here please send it's to my e-mail.