Thursday, 19 November 2009

Annual General Meeting (AGM) Gathering

The AGM Gathering was one of the most important events for CSSUPM. There are more than 60 students of UPM that attend to this gathering.

Pre AGM Gathering

Before the Annual General Meeting (AGM), a Pre AGM Gathering was held on 23rd October 2009. The attendances were surely surprised that night with more new students and also seniors accompanying us throughout the gathering.

    ~ Checking for errors on report to send to BHEP while waiting for others.~

       ~ Discussion among seniors ~

~ Yup they got some serious talk here for sure ~

~ Need some help here. ~

     ~ Seniors are being grateful helping new members of CSSUPM ~

~ Peace be upon you all. Hehe... ~

That the end of the pre AGM gathering.

AGM Gathering
This meeting was held at Gazebo (same building as Pusat Kokurikulum).

~ Fill up name for attendance~

~ More discussion........... ~

~ Waiting for the election.~

~ Campaigning for the election of new exco CSSUPM. ~

~ Clement hand over his responsibility as the president of CSSUPM to Nova Sheila Pillai~

~ Alexander Zachariah De Silva as the new vice president.~

~Jernestcia Febronia Gimbad as the new honorary secretary of CSSUPM~

 ~Joseph Wong Pak Yii as the new treasurer~

~ Prayer for the newly elected exco of CSSUPM ~

~ CSSUPM exco 2009/2010 ~

~ CSSUPM exco 2010/2011 ~

~ CSSUPM exco 2009/2010 and 2010/2011 ~

 Hopefully CSSUPM will continue to serve in UPM  for the betterness of us all. Special thanks to Dr. Kenny, who had guide us throughout this journey. Also thanks for all the contribution given by others that are not being mentioned here. We appreciate it so much. Without all of your cooperation who are we.

Sorry for the delay of this information. Any problem or suggestion regarding this blog you can send e-mail to this address Thanks for your cooperation.

Friday, 6 November 2009



For the newly elected CSSUPM exco 2010/2011

There will be ‘Mass’ on this Saturday (07.11.2009)

Venue : St. Anne Chapel
Date : 7th November 2009
Time : 8:30 PM

Please spread the news and god bless