Tuesday, 20 January 2009

EPC 2009/2010

~the unrevived view of La Salle~
9 January 2009

On the 9th of January 2009, the exco of CSSUPM had gone to the La Salle, Klang for the Exco Planning Camp(EPC). Unfortunately, not all of the Exco can make it for the EPC as they are busy with the university compulsory activity. The exco which can't make it for the EPC are Mr. Kevin and Ms. Emily. Never the less, the show must go on so off we go to La Salle, Klang at 7.50pm from UPM. The whole journey took roughly about 1 hour and we arrived at the destination at 8.55pm. Everyone was curios or should i say it as worried of how the place will look like. Most of us didn't expect much after hearing what clement has to say about the place we choose to run the EPC before hand. But we were all amazed at how good the place is. There is even a sink in every room and the overall cleanliness of the place is superb!

~arrival at La Salle, Klang~

~some group photo after arriving~

After choosing our room and settling down with our luggage, we can finally start the session for the night with Fr. Christ and some of the alumni that come that night. The last session on the 9th of January ended at 11.20 pm. Only then can we get our needed rest after the long journey + long hours of talk.

10 January 2009

On the nex morning, the first session started with a morning prayer before the breakfast which is at 8.30am. That is what in the tentaive though as the reality always tend to be different. The breakfast caterer came late so we have to fill the time gap with some praise and worship session. Luckily we have our guitarman Mr. Clement to play the music. But unfortunately, Clement didn't remember the code of the song so here come our next guitar man Dr. Kenny to do the job. So the praise and worship session goes on until the breakfast finally arrived. Only then can the session go according to plan. They they are break time in between session were most of the photos are taken.

~Clement a.k.a Guitar Man 1~

~Dr. Kenny a.k.a Guitar Man 2 teaching Guitar Man 2~

~some pics of the praise & worship session~

At 12pm, the lunch caterer has arrived with Indian food. It really does taste good though as what Cik Devebra and Cik Valecca said.

~Dr. Kenny and Benny doing some old school potrait photo~

~some random pic while waiting of lunch~

~Benny wondering why the lunch is still not here yet..hmm...~

~premiun bed for Clement and Gary to indulge in~

We get to rest for 2 hours as the lunch time is from 12pm to 2pm. And Clement and Gary would not miss the opportunity and quickly went to the room to take a quick nap. As what show in the photo, Gary’s Bed is the thickest among us all.

~look at just how synchronise there hands are : "One Mind Technique"~

~stitch up photo of discussion session~

At 2pm, the discussion session continue and everyone is putting on their serious face as the matter discuss here will affect decide the future of cssupm. Only in break time can you see the exco start to act more natural.

~Jency & Scholastica sharing their knowledge on the topic of half man to others~

Session after session passes by, finally it come to the most awaited session: BBQ time! Thanks to Dora that we have all the chicken for the BBQ as she help us to buy it. After some cleaning and marination then we are set to go...

~Valecca & Nova quick pose for the camera~

~another quick pose for the camera~

~Joseph show how daring he is by bare handedly handling the charcoal~

~Show off time~

Here you can see Clement showing of his iron hand technique by karate chopping the charcoal. Just look at how surpised Elaine face look like in the photo..Awesome

~some dancing move by Scholastica while waiting for the BBQ set up~

~quick pose for the camera~

~Clement doing with his mamak style~

~Dora is taking over now~

~the Exco just can't wait any longer...~

~one for the memory~

~taking butter with style~

~Mr President & Ms Vice-President~

~group photo while waiting for the BBQ~

~chocolate sponsored by Dr. Kenny, there goes the sugar diet~

~Dr. Kenny look a little surpirsed here~

After the BBQ, we no longer have any session planned for the day onward. So why not a little praise & worship session with lots of dancing and singing after the heavy meal?

~our happy guitar man Dr Kenny~

~Joseph & Clement show the right way to move to the groove~

~more dancing~

~and dancing..~

~happy faces after all the dancing~

~the final performance by Scholastica & Joseph~

~time to calm down~

11 January 2009

On the third day there, we are getting quite exhausted and some of us woke up late that morning. Breakfast did come on time on that day though. Then the discussion continues on at 9am but was interrupted by some undisclosed incident.

~doing the dish washing chore is so fun...~

~the alumni that come to help and guide us throughout the discussion process~

At 12 noon, it was lunch time again. As it was the last day of the camp, the lunch on that day was quite extravagance.

~cool and quite place under the shade for a lunch~

~Jency wondering what is the pointing thing~

~group photo session with Fr. Chris and the Alumni~

At 4.15pm, the camp has officially ended and everyone was frantic trying to pack all their belonging because the bus will come at 4.30pm plus the fact that the tea break is also at that time. So you can see some of the Exco with sandwich on their mouth while being busy packing their belonging. Some even carry a cup with hot tea in it while running all over the place.

~Tahniah! anda hadir hari ini~

~happy faces in the bus~

~sleeping faces in the bus~

At 6.45pm we safely arrived at UPM. After all the planning and discussion at the EPC, we the EXCO of CSSUPM would like to ask for the cooperation from all the CSSUPM members to make all the careful and tedious planning a success not for us but for all of the CSSUPM community. We would also like to send our utmost gratitude to Fr. Chris, Dr. Kenny and all the alumni that has been guiding and taking care of us all during the EPC. GOD BLESS

~the revived view of La Salle house~