Friday, 28 November 2008

More Coverage on the Convocation Mass "2008"

This year convocation mass was held on the 18/10/2008. The mass was pretty unique as i would say as all the graduates were wearing their graduation are some of the moment captured during the convocation mass.

This is the scene behind the scene of the people preparing for the mass

What most of us didn't realise of during any event in the church no matter small or big is that there is always generous people behind it who willingly devoted their time to help in the success of the event. This certainly helps a lot as the Exco only consisted of a few people and you can expect the Exco to cater all the task of handling and preparing for the event. What makes this behind the scene moment more admirable is that the volunteers mainly consist of senior who are in their final year and event the past graduates. This makes it a stronger reason for us juniors to celebrate and joins hand in this convocation mass to thank God for His blessing and guidance to all the graduates throughout their studies.

and the nominees are....

Not many graduates turn up that night maybe due to time limitation as most of them are probably working nowadays. Never the less, the numbers of graduates that turn up that night is enough to set the mass into a very eventful day for all of them...Just look at those smiles.

The cakes blessing by Father Larry and cakes cutting

and all the happy faces after the mass..

Let's cherish this moment and wishes all the graduates a happy and bountiful life...Amen

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Some Sharings from the past Exco members (2007/2008)

President: Dominic Leng Han

How time flies, it seemed only yesterday I was elected as President and being STRESSED about it. We started off our term a little slow, but thanks to a wake up call by some of our seniors and alumnis, we managed to organize a few significant activities,coffee morning and CSS camp to name a few and at the same time bring back some nearly forgotten CSS traditions, among which were bulletins and Friday Gatherings.

All these would not have been possible if not for our Heavenly Father who makes all things possible, and of course the fantastic and amazing support, dedication and hardwork of my fellow excos, especially my beloved (ex) vice president Dev; keep up the good work guys! I have always believed God has a plan for all of us, big or small, but i never expected something as big as this, and I truly am blessed to be able to be part of such a wonderful and amazing family.

To the new batch of excos:
Lord, help me do great things as though they were little, because i do them with Your power, and little things as though they were great, since i do them in Your name

Thanks and God bless you always.

Honorary Secretary: Jaclyn A/P Janeris Anthony

‘Doesn’t she look like a secretary to you?’ Those were the words that Alan the ex-President then, said to campaign for me. Haha, still can’t believe the members fell for that. Actually, for starters, I felt a big burden was going to be on my shoulders when the secretary post was given to me. But then deep inside of me, something told me that I can do it. And so that’s how my journey as a secretary started, holding a bunch of files at the bus stop after the AGM with Natalia and Gary beside me giving me words of encouragement that I can do a good job and all I have to do is just believe in myself. Thanks to them, I did and here I am writing about my journey being an EXCO member. First, thanks to the post, I discovered new friendship within the EXCO members. I really appreciate that. I really enjoyed working with them and I’ll treasure the moments I had with them especially in the EPC camp. Next, of course is the friendship I found among the members. When I first came in as a member, during my first year, I think I was slightly ‘invisible’. The reason was I was shy to approach anyone. It was really hard for me to make the first step and I know I failed. But as an EXCO, somehow it gave me the courage to approach everyone, especially my friends from the East. This I had to thank Dr. Kenny Teoh because he was the one who encouraged all the EXCO members to reach out to others. Thanks doc. Next, this post gave me a sense the responsibility, time management, guides on how to write a formal letter (never at all did I pay attention when this was taught during Primary and Secondary school), and it taught me the ways of approaching the BHEP in the proper manner. And this post definitely gave me a boost of confidence in me. I can still remember Dr. Kenny Teoh speaking to Purshyla and he mentioned this sentence, ‘…and look at her (me). Last time, when I looked at her, she used to be so quiet and shy but now,..’ I think you’ll get it. Don’t want to brag so much. It’s kind of nice to hear these things from other people. It means that there are people out there, who care for you, and for me, what I got the most is that, CSSUPM loves you, no matter what; it will always be there for you. Oklah, I think Gary is going to kill me when he reads this. He asked us for a short and sweet experience. Sorrylah. Hehe. Before I end, some words to the new and EXCO’s to come, cherish every moments you have as an EXCO because after you are no longer one, you’ll definitely miss it. P.S; I’m sorry if I disappointed anyone by turning down from being an EXCO member for this session because of some unwanted circumstances. Thanks to everyone who believed in me.

Assistant Honorary Secretary: Olivia Jane Scully

Hai actually I am not sure what to write but I guess I’ll start with how I came to know about CSSUPM. So here goes!! CSSUPM is actually, introduced to me by my buddy, Alan. So I guess I want to thank him for bringing me into this wonderful family away from home.

During the early times in CSSUPM, I guess I was very, very quiet and shy. (I guess I am sometimes still quiet and shy now but not as bad as last time..). I joined only some of the activities CSSUPM organized. But the situation started to change after I joined the EXCO. When I joined the EXCO, I know that I had to give my commitment to CSSUPM. And looking back, I have no regrets.

Through my journey in CSSUPM, I have learnt to put more trust in Jesus Christ, that He will always guide us to show us the right way. This experience has made me grow spiritually and also as a person. Besides that, it has also given me strength when I am down and help me make important decisions in life. Here, I have also experience the fulfillment of my life in the university. Although there were really hectic and busy times, after everything is done, the sense of inner happiness is there. It was a cool and nice feeling. Being in CSSUPM has also allowed me to know good and unique friends that will be difficult to find elsewhere. Thus, I guess the statement ‘A family away from home’ really holds true for CSSUPM.

Well, I guess I’ll stop here. Haha.. Don’t want to write an essay le , But, I just want to say that my experiences here so far has been great although there are ups and downs but still every step that I took here gave me valuable and priceless lessons and I can’t be more thankful and grateful for everyone who have helped in one way or another, whether realizing it or not. Thank you and God bless all of you.

Treasurer: Aliziana Anak Lious

Journey with CSSUPM…

First my attendance to the chapel is like a routine to me.

Every week I went to Mass just 2 fulfill my responsibility as a Christian people.

And I always seat at the back seat.

But then when Shamini approach me and ask me join the choir practice during the holy week, my journey with CSSUPM begin….

Now, joining CSSUPM activity is something that makes me happy.

Attending weekly Mass in the chapel together with other members is not my routine anymore but something that I look forward every week.

I admit that before this, my knowledge about Christianity is very weak.

But by joining CSSUPM, it had taught me a lot.

Living far from my family and staying with people that are new to me is not an easy thing to do, but CSSUPM had change that perception.

The slogan ‘Home far from home’ is a very suitable word to describe CSSUPM.

I get to know a lot of friend from all part of Malaysia I’m happy with that.

I feel that I have my other family here.

As a final year student, I feel sad to leave CSSUPM, all the memories that I have with CSSUPM will always in my mind and I will treasure those memories forever…

Liturgical Coordinator: Nova Sheila Pillai

As the Liturgical Coordinator for 2008 I had a memorable and productive journey with fellow EXCOS and CSSUPM community. I don’t believe that anyone got their post by chance, but I believe that God choose each and everyone of us to serve Him. God work in marvellous ways; I did not attend the Nomination Day, but some how I got nominated; I did not pick to be a candidate for the Liturgical post (coz FYI that the post I was most terrified of), but somehow my name appeared on the slide during election time; and somehow people believe in me enough to pick me to be the liturgical coordinator. I felt overwhelmed, for I didn’t know anything about liturgical protocols, I just know how to go for mass, participate, and go back. My seniors, Clarice Wider and Ruby Ong inspired me, “I know it is not simple but you can learn, and I believe you can do it”. Their words still rings in my head to this very day.

Learn. That’s exactly what I did, for nothing comes easy and our whole life is a learning process, and I have learnt a lot. I thank God for fellow CSS members, especially to my dearest assistant Janice and the EXCOs, who were always supportive. Everyone was always there to help and guide me in serving as the Liturgical Coordinator. Without them I don’t think I can do all that is done. Not forgetting Fr.Chris; his guidance, comments and the straight stares he gave me now and then, had helped me a lot through my journey as the liturgical coordinator.

Thanks to Dr.Kenny’s encouragement for EXCOs to reach out to other members, I was able to move out of my comfort zone(friends from the East) and made more friends from the West. It was always hard to make the first step to reach out and talk to people (takut tak kena layan..hehe), but it is now a habit (kena reject pun tak apa la..hehe.), made many connections and my life is easier because of that.

All in all, the whole journey was a challenge for me. Pushed me to my limits, cracked open my shell, opened up my mind, and broaden my knowledge. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to learn, serve and grow.

Dear ex-EXCOs, your friendship means a lot to me, I’ll cherish it forever and I’ll treasure our moments together..[especially EPC..haha..] Working with you guys was a blast. Thank you for always being there to help out. I am sorry if I’ve hurt your feelings along the way.

Dear new-EXCOs, you are chosen to serve God. It is a challenge. It is a learning process. Have faith. God will never give anyone anything that one could not handle. God will give you the heaviest cross He can, but He will always be there for you to hold your hand and carry the cross with you.

Dear members of CSSUPM, thank you for always being there and supporting CSSUPM. We appreciate the love and support that you have shown.

I will be serving again the new board, as the secretary. I have to learn new things now, and I hope everyone will support and guide me through. I appreciate criticism, so if you see me doing anything that is inappropriate..or u just tak puas hati, just come up to me and say it to my face, I will appreciate it. I think that’s it for now, Gary will kill me when he reads this, he asked for a short commentary and I wrote an essay..haha. Sorry Gary.

Maintenance Coordinator: Clement Roy De Cruz

It’s my turn to write something so I’m going to share to all of you about my journey with CSSUPM. If anyone asks me what CSSUPM means to me and I would answer them truly “A Family Away From Home”. My journey in CSSUPM begins with so much of love and compassion. I’m not saying this to please you but I really meant every single word. You can find good friends anywhere but you can newer find a family like CSSUPM. There are times when we argued or have conflicting opinions but that shows that we are not perfect and we need each other to be hone and makes us stronger and grow as a family.

It is a completely different experience being at the chapel and being some other place. The sad moments or stress from studies suddenly vanished as I came near and enter the chapel because there are so many people over here that shows a lot of love and I like it. However, as I reach at my hostel and alone in my room, I started to miss that feeling of being present in the chapel again. It shows that CSSUPM makes differences in my life. I’m so bless and happy to be part of the family.

Finally, the greatest commandment of all is to “Love your neighbour as you love your self” and this is the right place for you to start. We are organizing tons of activities and we can only get to know you if you join us. Therefore, come and be the part of the CSSUPM family.

Information Coordinator: Gary Arwin A/L Alburns Dass

Now is my turn to share my views and experiences on this Blog which eventually turns out to be my last day at office as an exco member of CSSUPM. Im not going to be sad or something like that, instead I should be happy because another wave of new excos will be taking over and im sure they are going to give their very best for the future of CSSUPM.

Ok, leave the Elections alone, let me walk down memory lane to share with you all the journey and experiences I had with CSSUPM. As I could remember, I first got to know about CSSUPM through bazaar persatuan when I was in my 1st year. Alan and Shamini came approaching me and it is their warm welcome which made me to register myself in CSSUPM. There is where it all begins. To be honest, I didn’t join in the Juniors Day and also a few first Saturday masses. I walked in to St Anne’s for the time after that and to realize that majority of them are Sabahan and Sarawakian. At first I felt out of place as im not so familiar with them but sooner or later, I found out that CSSUPM is truly my Family Away From Home!~

I got elected as an exco during my 1st Year as an Assistant Information Coordinator which eventually became my stepping stone to be closer to CSSUPM. Was under the guidance of Odelia who were the Information Coordinator that time and I was re-elected the following year as her successor(Information Coordinator).

Throughout my 2 years as an exco, im proud to say I’ve contributed as much as I could for the future of CSSUPM. To list a few, I initiated the blog ( replacing the old website and also re-published the bulletin (ACT U) after few years gap without an issue. CSSUPM has thought me a lot from leadership quality to how to deal with my daily life. I would also not forget the friends I gained throughout my jouney in CSSUPM. To the exco members, I would take this opportunity to say sorry If I had made any mistake throughout my service as an exco member. Ok, nothing else for me to say I guess, I wish all the best for the new exco members. Moreover, as long as im in UPM, I’ll continue to serve the lord and be dedicated to CSSUPM as it is truly my “FAMILY AWAY FROM HOME”.

Assistant Informtion Coordinator: Pamela Anak Sugai

ever since being part of cssupm there are something that i regret and something that i don't... i regret the most that i don't really treasures my part as the cssupm member speaking of which, i miss out a lot of the activities..and what i dont regret the most is that i was once in the exco (which many so refused to be in) even if it means that i have to sacrifice my time helping css in any way that i could but the satisfaction of being part of it just makes me smile in the end of the day..;) without each and everyone realize the invincible bond grew stronger among us with every activities that we do and the difficulties we had to endure with..all of this somehow makes us all attached to a humble,beautifull and precious place called st.anne chapel..and i know that even i left upm someday, i still had this memory, place and friends that i always belong to..its cssupm ;)..

Cell Group Coordinator: Garrie McNeil

Shalom, let me start my journey in CSSUPM with words of wisdom that keep me going everyday I breathe....

“Life is a journey and it can take to where YOU choose to go, as long as YOU’RE learning YOU’LL find out what YOU need to know”

Before I begin, I would like to thank God for giving me the opportunity to serve Him in CSSUPM. There are no words that can express how wonderful it is to be in CSSUPM. I wish that I am a man with thoughts like William Shakespeare so that I can express every single journey in CSSUPM beautifully. Being the Cell Group Coordinator at first is quite a challenge with lack of experience and not even an idea of what Cell Group really is. However, with God’s grace we managed to overcome the challenge and learned although we have limited activities due to campus policy that limits religious activities. Special thanks to Purshyla and the CG leaders for doing their job wonderfully. Well done. Throughout my whole journey in CSSUPM, I sincerely feel that it is a community where I can feel a strong sense of belonging. It’s a place where skin colors, ethnicities and different backgrounds are no boundaries for a great friendship and to experienced God’s love. It’s a place where you find true friends and family in Christ. Most of all its a community where WE grow together in faith and serve the Lord with love. Now, I began to understand that love it was that made us as one big family. Know that you never walk alone because besides God you have everyone to watch over you. When you are sad everyone is sad with you and when you are happy everyone is happy with you. I will treasure every moment in CSSUPM and keep it close to my heart forever. So, to all of CSSUPM members, make sure that you never miss the wonderful journey of being parts of this wonderful and fantastic community of Christ. You’ll never regret every sweat and blood that you shed for it cause in the end you it that is worth it.

Assistant Cell Group Coordinator: Purshyla Manikam

erm… Experiences of a Year as Part of the CSSUPM Exco? ;)

For one, it’s where I’ve made some of my bestest friends.

Seen what it’s like to be a real community, in the truest sense of the word.

Had ‘unbelievable’ fun working with the batch of excos- one real cer-a-zy bunch of ppl!

Learnt what it’s like to have some not-so-good conflicts (with erm... certain anonymous individuals.. you know who you are ;).. learnt that conflicts can be good in a way. And that it is actually possible to grow from it. And the feeling after a few minutes (or days, weeks, months?) when you start to see the other person’s point of view and get it (even if you only agree with it perhaps seventy percent)...

Thought of, questioned (perhaps revised?), and made stronger my faith, beliefs, and principles in ways I never did before (thanks very much to Fr Chris)

Come to know and love my friends of the far far East- with their bah’s and super high-tech names… ;)

… And knowing that God walked with us every step of the way, making possible things we hardly imagined.

One regret though- that Cell Group wasn’t the success we planned it to be... but still- there were those little baby steps, and I have to be glad for it :)

Here’s to a new year, new faces, new hearts... that God will continue to guide us to do His will here on earth, through the little family we call CSS.

MSG Coordinator: Percival Liew Kwang Tatt

Shalom everyone!

Hmmm, about my experience and journey in, it is too much for me to write here (and I lazy to write all hehe...if you wish to know, can personality contact me lol)

But, I don’t know where to start first, I think, it is easier for me to start from my first time when I meet CSSUPM.

I think I am considered lucky, because I was able to register myself in CSSUPM when Bazar Persatuan. Why I say so, because many CSSUPM members came to CSSUPM through friends...

Until now, I think I am the only one from K10 for my batch, so if I didn’t meet CSSUPM in Bazar Persatuan, I believe that I most probably won’t be in CSSUPM already...

I remember I saw my secondary school senior, Jervis at CSSUPM “stall” at Bazaar Persatuan. Hence I go approach him, then he told me a lot about CSSUPM, since he tried so hard to encourage me to join, so I “give face” him and go register..hehe...Thanks God !

After that, I received SMS from Janice, president of CSSUPM that time, she told me about St anne chapel, Junior’s day, Choir practice, Mass, etc etc...

A day before Junior’s Day (Saturday), I joined Choir practice, because that time I was curious about St anne chapel. I remember that Janice brought me from Bus Stand in front of Computer Sciences Faculty to St. Anne Chapel. Hmm, that was my first time step in St anne Chapel ! Thanks God !

Later, in Junior’s Day, I met a lot of people, but I only know Dominic and Predith only, because they same with me, from Penang, haha...Junior’s Day for me was quite fun, but I still couldn’t feel sense of belonging that time...

I was going to mass every Saturday night, and I always sit behind with Dominic, then after mass I direct rush back to my Kolej. One reason about that was I scare there was no bus to back, because K10 bus service very bad. Moreover I am a passive person, quite lazy to approach people haha...and I couldn’t speak English fluently.

Then, I joined CSSUPM annual camp that time, only 3 juniors joined...I learned a lot from the camp, and know more friends from CSS...and this camp became more fun because of our CSSUPM advisor, Dr Kenny Teoh joined us that time, he really a wonderful person that I had ever meet before.

After the AGM held at my 2nd semester, I was assistant maintenance. I needed to go to chapel earlier at about 6 pm and back for the latest one! I couldn’t rush back to K10 like last time after mass. Because of this, I got chance to know more people, thanks God !

About MSG, I was joining MSG because mandarin is my main language, I could feel the sense of belonging if I speak mandarin lol...After MSG, Jervis encourage me to join Tian Zhuan. Hmmm, consequently, I was an EXCO in CSSUPM, and I also was an EXCO in Tian Zhuan for two years...haha, really busy that time...

After I was assistant maintenance coordinator, then I became MSG coordinator. Be a MSG coordinator really was a wonderful experience for me, because I learned more about how to approach people, how to give sharing, how to conduct activities...

Regarding what I felt guilty......Sometimes I was thinking to rest and enjoy my life after busy for Tian Zhuan, because when Tian Zhuan have a meeting, it was always at ASAYO. So I had to travel far from UPM just for Tian Zhuan meeting......So I didn’t help up in CSSUPM.......Sometimes I didn’t help up in Tian Zhuan, after I busy for CSSUPM.......Haiz, I am really sorry about that...that is the reason why sometimes I didn’t even go for Mass...I am really a sinful person ya...zzz.

Anyway, I still have much wonderful experience in CSSUPM, about my first twisting experience in EPC lol...Coffee Morning, Annual

Dinner, Annual Camp, Tian Zhuan camp...etc...But I would like to end my sharing here due to the time shortage...

In short, CSS really give me a lot! I grow a lot through CSS! I love CSS and I hope all of you appreciate CSSUPM and St. Anne Chapel! Thank you and God Bless.

(Sorry if there is any grammar error or spelling error)



Music Ministry: Gerald Anak Ulong

Shalom to all my brothers and sisters in Christ. I was indeed surprise to be asked by the former information coordinator to write about my journey with CSSUPM.

I have started by being an ordinary chapel-goer.Since i have been actively participated during my olden days with the religious activities, so i decided to fill up my life in UPM as well. I join the choir team for a start. I was amazing that we can sing for GOD. Soon, I realize that maybe i can help the conductor. Without any expectation, I am the Music Ministry Coordinator for 2007/2008. It was totally a new thing but i believe that God is with me and there are people around to support me. That is what family is there for.

Being a part with CSSUPM is truly a remarkable experience. The people are there for you in laughter and tears, in pain and in joy regardless of time and money spending. As long as we can be together is more than enough. The chapel is where we belong and it is a safe place for our hearts, souls, and mind as God is there with us. I guess that is all from me. Thank you. God loves you the most and so do I. Amen.