Tuesday, 14 October 2008

AGM + Election Day 2008 (12th Oct 2008)

As the day we were all awaiting has arrived, approx around 2pm, all the excos gathered at the GAZEBO to do the early preparations. Unfortunately, there were very heavy downfall starting from 2.45pm which in a way affected our AGM. We were expecting around 60+ people and in fact we need that number for us to be able to start our AGM. And guess what, there were only around 40 people eventhough the clock shows it is now 3.30pm. Our last resort was......to pick up as many members as we can by car! As quoted by Dr Kenny, " Have Faith with God, u can make miracles"! actually paid off! Thanks to Dr Kenny, Levina and Uncle Yohannes, we were able to assemble adequate members by 4.00 pm and finally the AGM kicked off around 4.10pm. Here are some of the pics taken on the day...

Some of the 2008/2009 excos but why is Kevin thr?~ Hmmmmm...

The members settling down n having a look on the CSSUPM constitution.

Dr Kenny on the opening prayer as well as giving his opening speech

The head of the Election Committee...Mr Alan Tan

The posts that are up for grabs by the nominees.

Miss Jaclyn Janeris reading out the minutes and the past activities of CSSUPM...now she's the ex-secretary...Happy Retirement! haha

The ex-Treasurer, reading out the bugets and expenditures.

Dr Kenny then dissolving the Exco batch of 2008/2009.

Alan Tan reading out the rules and regulations.

The nominees for the presidential post...from left: Joseph, Nova, Valecca, Devebra, Purshyla and Clement.

The Election Committee counting the ballott paper.

There we go! Present to u, the next President of CSSUPM 2009/2010-> Clement Roy De Cruz!

The Vice-President for 2008/2010 -> Purshyla Manikam

Nova and Jacyln...The present and past Secretary

Elaine and Olivia...The Present and Past Vice- Secretary

Devebra and ALiziana....It's All About The MONEY! hehe :)

Clement giving his speech as the Newly Elected President.

CSSUPM Exco 2008/2009

And the future leaders...CSSUPM Exco 2009/2010

Monday, 13 October 2008

CSSUPM Annual Camp 2008 Video

My first attempt at this... Couldn't really synchronize the sound so the volume seems to be not leveled at certain times...

Thursday, 9 October 2008

And The Nominees areee......!

Presidential Candidates

1. Clement Roy De Cruz
2. Purshyla Manikam
3. Devebra ak Andira Mawar
4. Valecca Ak Sibuar
5. Nova SHeilla Pillai
6. Joseph Wong Pak Yii

Non-Presidential Candidates

1. Scholastica Maria S. Samuel
2. Francis Theo Voon Wai
3. Jenna
4. Malyneta Tingkas
5. Janice Lau Ming
6. Ng Wen Chee
7. Elaine Chin Jinfeng
8. Cecilia Evelyn Cornelius
9. Benny Gabriel
10. Predith a/l Michael
11. Erene CHai Vi-vien
12. Kevin Eugene Ong
13. Dominic Savio Chiu Wei Jun
14. Nouly Juni
15. Melini Suali
16. Deanne Rudim
17. Lawrence Insol Anak Alik
18. Krystal Fredoline Jakius
19. Emily Chai Chia Ning
20. Alexander Zachariah De Silva
21. Lambert Carlson Lois
22. Steffi Sanoy Dalinting
23. Robin Brian Vander Slott
24. Jency Jenuai Tiun
25. Lawrence Khoo Kim San
26. Simon Petrus Ak Kimbaw
27. Merlinda Shazellene a/p James
28. Paul Kan Anak Wilson Jetab
29. Monica Suli
30. Percival Liew Kwang Tatt

Pictures of some of the candidates...Sorry if I didn't post up some of the candidates pictures, have very limited pics...:)

Scholastica and Jenna

Jency Jenuai Tiun

Merlinda Shazellenne a/p James

Erene Chai Vi-vien

Nova Sheila Pillai

Purshyla Manikam

Benny Gabriel

Lawrence Insol Anak Alik

Ng Wen Chee

Nouly Juni

Steffi Sanoy Dalinting and Clement Roy De Cruz

Malyneta Tingkas and Krystal Fredoline Jakuis

Joseph Wong Pak Yii

Predith a/l Michael

Nomination Day 2008 !!! (6th October 2008)

Nomination Day? What's that? Are CSS members playing politics in CSSUPM?
Haha...certainly not! It's one of the annual activity done by the current excos to elect the upcoming excos for the new term. What comes next?! Certainly it's the Election Day to enable the CSS members to elect those who are nominated for the running post.
Nomination Day started at 8pm, but not exactly 8pm coz waiting for some who still have night class on the day. Started around 8.30pm n Dominic Leng started off with the brief explanation
of the CSSUPM Constitution.

Then the nomination kicked off which saw lot's of possible candidates nominated for the running post. Nomination for the Presidential post started first before the nominations of the remaining exco post.

Some of the crowd that turned out on the day...

Two of the most handsome seniors in CSSUPM, Nanaq and Brandon..hahaha

Michael pointing out his views during the nomination day...

Look at Levina and Alan...they have Masterplan!haha...

The going-to-be ex-information coordinator and Ex-Music Ministry..Gary and Nanaq. :P

Some discussion after the nominations...such a relieve for Dom and the gang coz at last some possible candidates were listed as the nominees.

Finally, Scholastica and Jenna trying to put on their cute faces...For ur info, they are one of the nominess.hehe

Sunday, 5 October 2008

CSSUPM Annual Camp - Day 3

It rained last night... The temperature dropped some more... Some participants did mentioned though that the coldness can't compare to what they felt in their hometown... (Mostly those staying in Kundasang, Sabah...) But for me... It was too cool for my own comfort...

The weather was cloudy and wet when everyone aroused from their slumber... Some wanted to go for a morning stroll but upon seeing the weather, changed their plans... Some who did managed to go for a stroll ran back after a while as the drizzling rain got harder... Its never a good idea to get trap in a rain with strong wind in such a place...

~Nothing to do while waiting for the people to wake up and helping out in preparing breakfast... So a couple of random shots...~

The final session of the camp started once everyone finished their breakfast... It was a session of self discovery once more... Presented by Hezron by which he shared us his story on life and how he discovered himself... And what CSSUPM meant to him... It was the session which brought many to tears... (Even the Dr himself...)... The sight of one of us unable to hold their tears and break down on the spot made me felt that I shouldn't break down as well... Since breaking down was like showing your weak side to everyone else... But after all that everyone have been through... There really isn't any reason to hide the tears from everyone else...

This session could have changed the lives of many... If they could only remember what they had felt... And relive it everyday... None of us are perfect... We could remembered how our lives was and how we would like our lives to change towards... But will one be strong enough to start making the changes towards accomplishing what they really wanted... Or will this session be drowned with time... Being just a moment of self discovery and later... Just a memory... I guess this can only be decided by each and everyone of us...

~Hezron and John (the guitarist) is responsible for making at least half of the participants shed tears... Bad Hezron... Bad John...~

We sang the theme song once more... 'You, me and Us'...Hands in hands... With all our voice and all our might... Regardless of how our voices sounded like... For it didn't matter to any of us... Nor did it matter to God... Praising God as a family... The CSSUPM family...

After everyone managed to keep their emotions in check... Devebra handed out the evaluation forms for everyone while the emcee and prize giving committee prepared to announce the teams which prevailed during the camp...

Each team got a hamper regardless of whichever placings they were in... It was a close match between all the teams... But only one could prevail... And at the end of the day... Team St. Gabriel triumphed narrowly over Team St Jude which stood at 2nd place...

~Everyone was happy to receive goodie packs from Dr Kenny~


~But the happiest should be Gabriel... (Love you guys and girls -Alan)~

~Official group photo... (Just noticed that everyone blocked the banner... Didn't noticed that before... Haha)~

~Informal group photo... I guess everyone loved to jump now since we are all always jumping during the Praise and Worship sessions...~

Everyone started to take loads and loads of photos after that (which easily explains why there are more than 1.5k photos at my place at the moment...) while waiting for lunch and the bus to arrive... Dr Kenny joined the band to play a few songs... By which everyone got in the mood and started dancing on the spot... Be it cha-cha, tango, chicken-walk (by Janice), twists (by Percival), Sumazau dance, hip hop/ breakdance (by Gary) or any dances which have never shown up on Earth before... Everyone present followed the tune and had fun... I don't think you'll find another scenario like this in any other camps... It was truly an unforgettable experience...

~Of course we didn't forget to share the spoils won~

~The prizes were really simple... But I guess in the end, what really matters was how each and everyone of us journeyed together to make nothing into something in the camp...~

~Guess who was so free to line up the bottles of drinks and the mascot together...~

~We even shared the prize with Dr Kenny... (I pray that Dr Kenny won't hunt me down for posting up this photo...)~

All good things must come to an end... That's what on my mind as we made our way back onto the bus after having lunch... By then, most of us had already finished packing up... Despite of that, I could feel that many of us had hoped to possibly stay another day or two at the place... After all the fun we had... It just seemed sort of sad to leave...

But that's not the end of the story yet...

During the 3 days stay at the Barre I.J Center... Most of us didn't really have the time to go and walk around at Cameron (except for the alumnis' and Dr Kenny of course...) And it was time to finally visit one final place... A strawberry farm...

~Imagine all the pots being filled with the reddest, juiciest and tastiest strawberries you could ever find... (I'm salivating while typing this... :P )~

~If there was a place where all the strawberry lovers came to gather... This would be the place...~

It may be a good idea to keep the love for strawberries in check though... Or you might find yourself turning into a strawberry...

~I know turning into a strawberry is a lame joke attempt~

The place is filled not only with strawberries... But with loads of flowers... (I think Janice will be very happy if she could get the flowers here weekly for the Saturday night mass at chapel...)

~Fiona with some flowers (I don't really know what flowers are those... All I remembered was Fiona pulling me to this corner and posed...)~

~Tracy, Fely and John... (Why so serious, John??)~

There was also cactus... Loads of them for sale... Each with its different shape and sizes...

~Kevin seemed happy to see the cactus...~

There was also a pond with ten dwarves by which many of us took photos of...

~Meet the ten dwarves~

~This little girl must have gotten a bit amazed at how long they could pose... No??~

~We didn't hesitated to spend a bit, buying strawberries and souvenirs for those at home. It became like shopping... Except you are a few thousand feet above sea level...~

~A group photo at the farm~

It wasn't long before we really have to leave to get back to UPM... And everyone was either sleeping or trying to sleep which the bus traveled the winding roads back down the hills... (The winding road really seem to be more winding than when we first got up)...

The bus may have traveled at a slower pace compared to the journey there... But it didn't matter to the tired family on board... What's important was that after 3 to 4 hours of bus ride... We finally arrived safely in front of KMR...

~One of the mascot followed us back~


I'm very sure that each of the participants have their very own story to tell regarding their experiences during the camp... What they have learned... What they have felt living together with this family of Catholics... Each of us could have told different versions of the same story... What you have read here is just my version of the story... And to sum up this version.. the camp had been something I greatly enjoyed... And truly a wonderful experience for me... I'm really glad that I did joined the camp...

Quoting from Fr. Chris... 'I'm a man of few words...' I really am... Its just that I wanted to share what we all went through to everyone else... And few words seemed to be insufficient in doing that...

Thanks for reading this... There is still a video post coming... Be patient ya...