Monday, 22 September 2008

CSSUPM Coffee Morning 2008 (21st September 2008)

CSSUPM has held a Coffee Morning at Holy Family Church (HFK) in Kajang on the 21st of September 2008. The event is carried out towards obtaining funds to allow for subsidization of the upcoming annual camp at Cameron Highlands. A number of CSSUPM members has started preparing the food late through the night and some didn't managed to obtain any shut eye for the night at all. But it was all towards making the Coffee Morning breakfast sales a success... We were there hours before the parishioners of the first mass exitted the church preparing the items for sale and setting up the place for the parishioners to have their breakfast.

~The banner that was hung in front of HFK~

~Where we held the coffee morning~

~Our first official customer of the day~

~One of the food on the menu... Looks tasty~

The tasty food & their 'ambassadors'

We had quite an assortment of food and drinks out for sale that morning. Among those items on sale were

~Amber promoting the curry puff~

~Emily is displaying the mee hoon on sales~

~Dominic is showing us the hotdog~

~Kevin with the pack of sushi~

~Sharon's showing us the red bean soup~

~Diana and nasi lemak~

~Laksa Sarawak (both Olivia and Valecca look so nice in the photos that I couldn't resist to put both up)~

~Victor is selling ... tauge?? Nope... He's merely making sure that the tauge is served at the right temperature~

~And Predith is the host for coffee and milo and...

the soya bean...~

~Some other photos of the food~

The hungry parishioners

~It wasn't until about 9.50am when the parishioners all finished the mass and exitted the church~~And thats when we got pretty busy~

~And the hungry crowd multiplied every few minutes~

~Everyone was up and about selling the food (me included also)~

~Families are seated at the table enjoying their food~

~Everyone seemed to be mingling around with others~

~A group of elderly parishioners also seemed to like the food as well~

~A photo of a father feeding his son~

~This little girl was also enjoying her fried nugget~

~There was also this kind uncle who bought a few packets of mee and laksa and also donated some extra money to our cause... Thanks a lot uncle... Hope you did enjoy all those food :)~

Amazingly less than half an hour after the mass ended... What's left of the food was this

~A few packets of mee~

~And a bowl of laksa which was taken by non-other than Mr Dominic himself...~

~Dominic with the last bowl of laksa~

It seemed that the parishioners must have been really hungry that all the food was sold off in less than half an hour... And we had to prepare some additional food from what we have left... So after a while of preparation... This was what's left...

~5 more bowls of prepared laksa and a pot of red bean soup... It wasn't long before these was taken as well...~

We are all very thankful to the parishioners of HFK who supported our Coffee Morning and who turned up to try our dishes... A big thanks to you all... We can now finally go to Cameron Highlands at ease (I hope :P)

Now a bit on how we had enjoyed 'our' breakfast... (We have to pay also, ok??)

How we enjoyed our breakfast...

~Here's Dominic eating... He's really enjoying right?!~

~Shirley is showing us the best way to eat sushi~

~Olivia and Jaclyn having their breakfast before attending to the stalls~

~John looks as if he is having Clement for breakfast~

~Predith showing us how he's enjoying his hotdog... Words can't seems to be able to express his feelings~

The Aftermath

Apparently a few of us stayed back for the afternoon visit to the orphanage. And apparently... One of those who had stayed up all night preparing the food was also in the group... Guess who was it??

~Those who went to teach at the orphanage... Guess who was the one who stayed up all night??~


~It was Clement... See... He is halfway in between his dream world and halfway in the process of teaching an orphan~

It wasn't long before this happened...

~Zzzz... Do not disturb...~

And therefore we should also thank all those who helped out with the preparing the food all night... :)
Have a good night's rest

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Tian Zhuan Mooncake Festival Gathering

Tian Zhuan has held its annual mooncake festival gathering in St Anne's chapel the past Sunday (14th September 2008). Its theme was 'Ming Yue Gua Tian, Zhuan Ju Yue Qian' which literally means 'Moon hanging in the sky, we gather in front of the moon' (I think the translation is a bit weird here) but in short it means 'Gathering in front of the moon' (or something like that)...

The event started at around 6.30pm with the Tian Zhuan members from CSSUM and CSSUKM joining us in a variety of games, food and activities for the night.

~Xuan and Pei Mei became our receptionist for the night~

The organizer of this event is Percival and his team with Daniel becoming the emcee for the night...

~The organizer, Percival~

~The emcee is the one standing~

Things started off with an opening prayer led by our very own Joseph

~Joseph getting ready his prayer~

After the short but meaningful opening prayer, we proceeded to the games section... A total of two games were played that night with the first being ZigZag and the second being Newspaper... Both games was played with the intention of breaking the barrier among the different members of the different campus...

ZigZag is a game played on the benches at which the participants are divided into two teams and will have to race at different ends of the benches and proceed till meeting with each other on the bench... Then they will have to play the simplest game in the world 'Rock-Paper-Scissors' and the winner gets to proceed while the loser have to get off the bench and return to their end. The losing team will have to send another person up on the bench as fast as they can to stop the progressing opponent team member. Sounds complicated??? Its not really so till you see the game itself (And how some almost fell off the benches)...

~Pei Mei describing how the game is played~

~While everyone else listened~

~Team 1 for ZigZag against...~

~Team 2 for the game~

~Fiona and Pei Mei battling out on the benches~

Next we have a game called Newspaper involving us remembering everyone's name with a knock on the head by Joseph if we don't call out a name if someone called ours... Also a bit confusing without any practical I guess

~Joseph with the newspapers~

~Joseph preparing to hit Agatha??? Oh my~

~Fiona trying to electrify Joseph with her stare~

After the brief but fun games, dinner was served (No nice pictures on this)... Throughout the dinner, everyone was invited to join the riddle game... The riddles are all hung on the tanglungs and whomever who answered correctly can keep the tanglung for themselves...

~The riddle tanglungs~

And then we had a brief presentation session by Daniel with his flute

~Daniel performing his music on the flute~

And then a short sing along session (Singing mooncake festival songs)...

~Singing songs together~

And after that, the lights are turned off and everyone lighted their tanglungs and proceeded to walk around the chapel area...

~Fiona happy with her tanglung~

~Integration of different campus~

~Even uncle and aunt have their own tanglungs~

And after the session, we closed up with a closing prayer and everyone could return after that, but not before a brief introduction on the chapel by Joseph...

And finally a group photo with everyone in it to remember the event...

Happy Mooncake Festival by all of us here :)