Saturday, 26 July 2008

St Anne's Feast Day


Anne (Hebrew, Hannah, grace; also spelled Ann, Anne, Anna) is the traditional name of the mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

All our information concerning the names and lives of Sts. Joachim and Anne, the parents of Mary, is derived from apocryphal literature, the Gospel of the Nativity of Mary, Pseudo-Matthew and the Protoevangelium of James. Though the earliest form of the latter, on which directly or indirectly the other two seem to be based, goes back to about A.D. 150, we can hardly accept as beyond doubt its various statements on its sole authority. In the Orient the Protoevangelium had great authority and portions of it were read on the feasts of Mary by the Greeks, Syrians, Copts, and Arabians. In the Occident, however, it was rejected by the Fathers of the Church until its contents were incorporated by Jacobus de Voragine in his "Golden Legend" in the thirteenth century. From that time on the story of St. Anne spread over the West and was amply developed, until St. Anne became one of the most popular saints also of the Latin Church.

The Protoevangelium gives the following account:

In Nazareth there lived a rich and pious couple, Joachim and Hannah. They were childless. When on a feast day Joachim presented himself to offer sacrifice in the temple, he was repulsed by a certain Ruben, under the pretext that men without offspring were unworthy to be admitted. Whereupon Joachim, bowed down with grief, did not return home, but went into the mountains to make his plaint to God in solitude. Also Hannah, having learned the reason of the prolonged absence of her husband, cried to the Lord to take away from her the curse of sterility, promising to dedicate her child to the service of God. Their prayers were heard; an angel came to Hannah and said: "Hannah, the Lord has looked upon thy tears; thou shalt conceive and give birth and the fruit of thy womb shall be blessed by all the world". The angel made the same promise to Joachim, who returned to his wife. Hannah gave birth to a daughter whom she called Miriam (Mary).


(To Obtain Some Special Favour)

GLORIOUS St Anne, filled with compassion for those who invoke thee, and with love for those who suffer, heavily laden with the weight of my troubles, I cast myself at thy feet and humbly beg of thee to take the present affair which I recommend to thee under thy special protection.

Vouchsafe to recommend it to thy Daughter, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and lay it before the throne of Jesus, so that He may bring it to a happy issue. Cease not to intercede for me until my request is granted. Above all, obtain for me the grace of one day beholding my God face to face, and with thee and Mary and all the Saints, praising and blessing Him for all eternity.

Good St. Anne, mother of her who is our Life, our Sweetness and our Hope, pray to her for us, and obtain our request. (3 times)

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Junior's Day 08/09

On the 20th July 2008, marked another day to remember in CSSUPM's calender as we celebrated Junior's Day specially for those who just came in to UPM as 1st year students. The activity was directed by Sharon Nisha and a group of CSSUPM members. The 1st years started to walk in around 9.00 am and registered themselves. Here's the snipets of the day...

Jaclyn and Olivia handled the registration

Some of the Junior's registering their names at the counter

Preparing for the f

One of the junior introducing himselve

More ice-breakings among juniors

Next up...Praise and Worship!

Juniors along with the seniors were having fun during the praise and worship

After a round of game, Dev introduced the history of the chapel

Leslie sharing his toughts and experiences when he joined CSSUPM 7 years ago

Hezron a.k.a Nanak had his chance to share with the juniors as well

Here we go...the Juniors of the day!

Another game played outside the chapel

Hahaha..everybody was playing their hearts out

The seniors who became the referee for the

After the game, we had our lunch and later on the current CSSUPM exco's introduced themselves and their portfolios. The Juniors Day ended around 1.30 pm and this time round, we can say this activity was a successful one!

Sunday, 20 July 2008

CSSUPM Juniors Day 2008/2009 (ver 2)

Gary beat me to this post... But I'll be doing one nevertheless... Haha

CSSUPM had their annual juniors day recently to welcome all the 1st years Catholic Juniors into the family away from home...

Juniors day1

Upon arrival, one would be greeted by these few young ladies with their widest smiles, welcoming you to the humble chapel... These few young ladies are in charge of the registration table. Juniors arriving at the chapel will have to see them before they can enter...

Juniors day6
~The Juniors being stopped by the Chapel guards and are 'forced' to submit their particulars or face the consequences... (Jk)~

The schedule of what was going to happen was written on the notice board...

Juniors day2
~The agenda of the day... (Lunch was free by the way so if you missed it... Tough luck :P )~

While waiting for the event to start, the seniors and the juniors chit chatted... Allowing both sides to know each other better...

Juniors day4
~Olivia... Chatting with some others~

Juniors day5
~Waiting to begin~

Juniors day3
~Dominic is staring at somebody...~

The event started off with the new 1st years introducing themselves to everyone else.

Juniors day7

Juniors day8
~Some of the new juniors~

Soon after the introductions was completed, the praise and worship team went on...

Juniors day9

Juniors day10
~The praise leaders...~

Juniors day11
~The musicians~

Juniors day12
~Walter is getting 'personal' with Clement :)~

And everyone sang and dance till their hearts drop out...

~Or rather its just Clement and the guys whose hearts drop out~

Juniors day13
~Making peace with each other~

Juniors day14
~Hugs are included as well~

After being heated up by the Praise and Worship... Everyone got into smaller groups for the Games session...

Juniors day15
~Clement taking charge~

Juniors day16
~New faces~

Juniors day17
~Old faces~

Juniors day18
~New and old together~

Juniors day19
~Clarice being intimidating~

Juniors day20
~The 'chain'... They are playing charade~

Juniors day21
~London bridge??? Nope... Its a toaster... Use your imagination...~

Juniors day22
~A fan...~

Juniors day23
~John: I'll huff and puff and blow you humans away~

Juniors day24
~The human train~

Devebra, and Leslie came on after the games to talk a little bit about the history of the chapel... Like how the tree fell down on a rainy day... And when there was no electricity and water..

Juniors day25

Juniors day26

And then Nanaq came on and gave his advice as well...

Juniors day27

And we got thrown back into another game... Refer to previous post for more photos of this game...

Juniors day28

And then... What everyone was waiting for... The FOC lunch...

Juniors day29

Juniors day30
~The menu of the day~

While most are eating... someone tried to play the keyboard... Could it be... New musicians??

Juniors day31

And before leaving, everyone got together for a group photo...

Juniors day32
~Normal group photo~

Juniors day33
~Group photo of Clement being harassed~

Just wanna say 'Welcome to all new members of this Family of ours... Enjoy your stay with us'

Juniors day34