Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Exco Planning Camp (EPC) 2008/2009

EPC? What is EPC ? Who attends EPC and why is EPC important in CSSUPM?

Okay, here it is. EPC stands for Exco Planning Camp which assembles all the current exco for them to plan ahead of what activities and programs they are going to organize. Apart from that, producing the theme for CSSUPM was the main concern among exco's of this batch as they want to relate spirituality and relationship between members with the proposal of the new theme.
And with much confidence and proud, we, the Exco members of 2008/2009 would like to announce the new theme for CSSUPM...

In Faith we grow,
With love we serve...

Okay, this is the theme. Sounds catchy but apart from coming up with a theme which is fully related with CSSUPM, we the exco's do have our aim behind all the words mentioned in the theme.
We also lined up a list of activities to be carried out during the whole next semester. Hopefully with God's grace, we can carry out whatever activities that is planned and bring a huge impact on CSSUPM and it's members.
Hmm, so without futher ado, here's somesort of report on our 3 days, 2 night stay in IJ Sisters Bungalow in Seremban. All the exco's were present ( Dominic, Devebra, Jacklyn Janeris, Olivia, Aliziana, Sharon, Nova, Percival, Gerald, Clement, Predith, Garrie McNeill, Purshyla, Gary Ariwn) except for 2 of them ( Pamela and Janice) due to unavoidable circumstances. We had one of the Alumni who were together with us for the whole 3 days. He was the Ex Cell Grouo Coordinator as well ad the Ex President of CSSUPM back then. He is none other than our Mr David also known as UPM's Elvis Presley.

DAY 1. (Saturday 26th April 2008)
As we arrived at the JI Sisters Bungalow at about 4 pm.
The Exco's walking towards the dorm
The dorm ( girls compartment). Faster choose your bed. Faster choose choose!!~ haha
Dominic reading out the rules and regulations of th JI Sisters Bungalow
Okay, here's the ice breaking session. Eventhough we know each other already, this session really helped us to look into each other in a more deeper scale.
David together with the excos having fun during the session
David introducing himselve in more detail. So much fun knowing him in person

Okay, they are not in love. Just demo starting the way to play ice-breaking game! haha- Scandalouz-~
Dinner time!~

Preparing for the grace before meal.

Haha, they cant seem to wait to EAT!!~

DOM?! What u think ur tryin to do?

Okay here it is, time to crack our heads for the THEME of 2008/2009
In total, the excos came up with 34 different unique themes!!!~

But after much discussion, In Faith we Grow, With Love we Serve is the one choosen as our theme for 2008/2009

. (Sunday 26th April 2008)

Day 2 was rather a longer affair as we started the day very early in the morning. Got up at 6am to prepare ourselves for the mass somewhere near Seremban small town.

7.00 am, preparing breakfast

Bread with peanut butter and jam filled our stomach in the morning~

At the bus stop waitin 4 the bus to arrive

We had to walk around 10 mins from the bus terminal in order to go to the church

We're finally there safe and sound

The inside view of the church
The first session of the day - Sharing of experiences from previous excos which of course includes David. Dominic, Percival, Devebra and Gary Arwin also shared their past experience when they were also excos in the 2007/2008 batch.

Excos listening attentively

So do the rest of the excos

The excos planning their activities for the comin sem

Information Coordinator has plans for next sem too!. Haha, this is the only pic that has me in it! Too bad, im the camera man.hahakz~

The Cell Group Coordinators
The Maintainence Coordinators

The Treasurers of CSSUPM

Dev and Nova doing preparations for the BBQ

Evening!!! Football time...haha, thank god Predith brought his Nike ball along

Nice view by the beach

Yeaa, seaside view~

BBQ, here we come!

Garrie, Dev and Nova

At last, here it is!~

Can't wait to EAT!!!

Chillin out after the dinner

The last session of the day arrives....PLANS!~

Disccusing out appropriate activities

Statue situated at the IJ Sisters Bungalow.

DAY 3.( Monday 28th April 2008)
Day 3 was much more fun. It's WAR TIME!!~ hehe

The "bullets" used in the war game. haha. Nuthin much, just ballons fillled with tap water!~ lol

The Music Ministry Coordinator finding inspiration for new songs!~ haha
The first game played
Anxiously waitin for the 'bullets' to arrive
The team that got to collect more ballons will have advantage to sabo the other team at the end of the game
The 2nd game played, pass the ballons using ur leg! haha. Interesting~
The practise session before the actual game takes place
The 3rd game, throwing the ballon to other groupmate who will receive by using their shirt. Woow, cool game man! Should have replaced the ballons wit eggs.haha
Okay cool, now the much awaited game started!~ BOMB!~
Haha, Nova tryin to be neutral. Too bad, she also kena sabo at last
Running around findin their respective targets
Haha, biggest loser - CLEMENT -

Tired after the game

Now, the excos are preparing to return home
A final round up before departing. Special thanks to David who were our guardian and advisor throughout the 3 days camp.
In front of IJ Sisters, waitin for the bus to arrive
In KTM. Haihh, these ppl are not tired to strike their best pose! lol
Clement, Nova, Ely and Dev

Aite, all went back with sweet memories and bulk of responsibilities at their back. Hope there will be major changes as well as our effort to bring back more members in CSSUPM will come true! For that, ample of support and dedication is much needed from the rest of the CSSUPM members as well as from the Alumni. Pray for the best in the coming sem for CSSUPM !

For that...

In Faith we grow,
With love we serve...

Adios from the Excos of 2008/2009